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Important things to know when visiting the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is NOT a Hall of Fame. Often the museum is referred to as the "Negro Leagues Hall of Fame" or "Black Baseball Hall of Fame" and various names. It is important to the museum that we not be referred to as such. The NLBM was conceived as a museum to tell the complete story of Negro Leagues Baseball, from the average players to the superstars. We feel VERY strongly that the National Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, NY, is the proper place for recognition baseball's greatest players. The Negro Leagues existed in the face of segregation. Baseball's shrines should not be segregated today. Therefore, the NLBM does not hold any special induction ceremonies for honorees. As space allows, we include information on every player, executive, and important figure. However, we do give special recognition in our exhibit to those Negro Leaguers who have been honored in Cooperstown.

• Parking is available near the museum. Visitors can park on the either side of 18th Street, on the south side of "Buck" O'Neil Way (17th Street Terrace) or in public parking lots near Gregg Community Center (just north of the museums) at 18th and Woodland (one block east) or 18th & Vine (one half block west). Large buses for group tours should park and have passengers enter through the north entrance on "Buck" O'Neil Way or in the Parking lots at Gregg Community Center.

• Photography is restricted in many areas of the museum complex. In both the NLBM and American Jazz Museum, photography of any kind is prohibited in the exhibit areas. This is done for security, copyright, and protection of artifacts. Photography is allowed in the large atrium of the museum complex. Exceptions are made for media and during special events, yet, only with pre-approval and in restricted to certain areas.

• The NLBM is a self-guided tour experience. There are several text panels to read, hundreds of photographs, and a number of film exhibits, laid out on a time line of baseball and black history. We recommend that you plan at least 1 hour to fully enjoy the exhibit, but you could very easily spend 2 hours reading all the material. Special low lighting in some areas is required for protection of artifacts.

• Children must be accompanied at all times while inside the museum complex. There are several large areas of the museum complex where one can be separated from your group. This is especially true of children. For the safety of the children, patrons, and artifacts, adults must accompany children when visiting.

• The museums have a climate-controlled environment. The museum complex tries to maintain a level of climate control that is both comfortable for visitors and safe for the valuable artifacts. It is not uncommon, even during very warm summer months, for the temperature to be considerably cool inside the museum in order to minimize humidity. Please be prepared.

• The NLBM is housed in a handicapped accessible facility. All exhibits, including the American Jazz Museum facilities, are located on one floor; with ramps and appropriate space to accommodate wheelchairs in exhibit areas and rest rooms. Extra wheelchairs are available on request. Closed captioning for the hearing impaired is available on the main exhibit film. Assistive animals (guide dogs) are allowed in the building.

• The NLBM provides a smoke-free environment. Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the museum complex.

• The NLBM can accommodate large group tours. School groups, family reunions, church groups, office groups, scout troops, sports teams, and others are all welcomed to the NLBM. If your group is more than 25 people, regardless of age, you are strongly encouraged to make a reservation. With that, your group will be given special introduction by museum staff and, if time permits, guided tour services. Plan plenty of time for you tour and be sure to factor in shopping time in the museum store, if you desire. Please call at least one-two weeks in advanced. You will receive confirmation of your reservation in the mail, with information to help you with your trip the museum.

• Buses and taxis serve the museum area. Taxi service can be obtained at most major hotels and areas in the city to come to 18th & Vine. Also, route #108 INDIANA Metro Bus has stops in near the front of the museum complex on 18th Street. A connecting bus from downtown is required to reach 18th Street.

• Kansas City is a great place to visit! The 18th & Vine area, the Country Club Plaza, Westport, Kauffman & Arrowhead Stadiums are highlight of this great community. For more information about events, hotels, food, and other activities and services, go to www.visitkc.com.