The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum manages a dynamic licensing program to create a wide variety of products to celebrate the great legacy of black baseball. The museum owns the rights to certain team names and has created a series of logos (the “retro logo series”) to help promote awareness of Negro Leagues history.

The museum has given permission to several companies nationally and internationally to create everything from baseball caps, jerseys, shirts, jackets, blankets, coffee mugs, and other items using these logos. Many of these items are sold in the Extra Inning Museum Store and at other retail stores. These companies pay a ROYALTY, based on a percentage of their sales, to the NLBM.

logos - Licensing

Revenues from royalties paid to the museum help sustain its operations, continued growth, and education programming. When buying merchandise, always look for the “authentic black diamond” logo to insure that you are supporting the museum.

IF YOU ARE A STORE OWNER, MANAGER OR BUYER looking to stock licensed merchandise, please contact the PRESIDENT to receive the current list of whole-sellers. A store does not need a license to sell merchandise, just proof that they are a reputable business.

IF YOU ARE A COMPANY WITH PRODUCT/DESIGN IDEAS and want purchase a license to use our logos, please contact the PRESIDENT. You will then receive an application which will later be reviewed by our licensing attorney. You must have a license from the museum to use any of our logos and marks.

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